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June 22, 2017

In reply to ‘The Nationals — a policy free zone on renewable energy’ ( The Telegraph, June 14) the correspondent once again exhibits a highly-biased idealistic, prejudiced and shallow view of environmental issues so true to form of the group he represents.

Suggesting potential job and business losses in Gippsland are due to climate change is simplistic and typically deceitful.

The tenure of his repetitive statements glosses over the very nature of the popularist and self-serving policy advice given to current governments.

In continuing to promote the doubtful and unreliable benefits of windfarm energy the correspondent quite happily and intentionally pedals misinformation and blatant lies with respect to energy and job provision.

In doing so, he clearly has no regard for rural communities and is typically narrow minded when talking of environmental issues.

Recent well researched, undisputed observations from Canada and the United States points to literally hundreds of thousands of birds killed by colliding with wind turbines and their associated power lines, with raptors such as eagles, owls and kestrels being the main victims.

In extolling doubtful, unworkable, unreliable, undemocratic, city-centric and ideological policies the correspondent is not only victimising forestry and energy workers but also vulnerable bird species of the Seymour and Whiteheads Creek district.

Birds such as the Wedge-tailed Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Swift Parrot and the White-throated Needletail to name a few, would be impacted by the proposed Cherry Tree Range wind farm.

Readers should be aghast by the next revealing and ethically and morally challenged emanation from the correspondent and the group he represents — BEAM Mitchell Environment Group.

— James Matters,


Missed out on money

Premier Daniel Andrews has squandered a chance to add $60million to our state’s infrastructure budget.

When Rural Finance Corporation was sold in 2014, Victoria became eligible for a $60million bonus from the Commonwealth Government’s Asset Recycling Initiative (ARI).

This was to be a $60million bonus on top of the sale proceeds of $400million.

Shamefully, Daniel Andrews failed to finalise the deal with Canberra before the ARI’s June 30, 2016, deadline and it’s now confirmed that Victoria has missed out.

That’s $60million that should have gone towards fixing our crumbling country roads or our ageing regional rail services.

It is outrageous that Daniel Andrews had 18 months to finish the paperwork and still failed to secure this substantial bonus funding.

But then, this is the same Premier who spent $1.2billion NOT to build a road.

Regional Victoria deserves better.

We need a state government that has a plan for all Victorians — not just those who live in Melbourne.

— Peter Walsh,

Regional Development

Shadow Minister

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