Students beat ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ germs to dance

June 21, 2017

A few weeks ago, Christine and I were invited to St Mary’s College in Seymour to instruct about 35 Year 8 students on how to rock ’n’ roll as part of their PE alternative activities program.

To say this was challenging is probably an understatement as the age bracket meant that ‘boy germs’ and ‘girl germs’ were of major concern.

We are pleased to report that no one actually died and much to the amazement of many, they even seemed to enjoy the experience.

Most kids took to the dances well.

Hopefully we have sparked an interest for a few, even if it may take years for them to revisit the dance floor.

Our regular Friday night classes are still going well with new people continually popping in to try things out and our list of regulars is gradually growing.

It is nice to consistently have enough people to form a good sized circle when teaching.

We have been revising dances of late to ready our students for the Shepparton Cool Cats dance, which was held Saturday night just gone.

For many this dance was their first real experience at a large rock ’n’ roll dance with a live band and it was pleasing to have 13 of our dance group attend on the weekend.

It was a real breakthrough to have a Nagambie table at a Shepparton dance.

We have our own dance coming up on July 29 with a talented musician, Trevor Dennis.

This event will be a sell out because we are limited to 50 or so tickets due to the size of the hall. Be quick if you want tickets.

The Friday classes are held every week at Nagambie Senior Citizens hall and start at 7pm.

Unlike the table tennis programs, we have no floor issues and the dancing will continue right through the school holidays.

Raw beginners are encouraged to come a little earlier and we do offer private lessons by appointment.

Our Activate Nagambie Facebook group is still online but we have added a business page which will better suit our online presence.

Make sure you visit and like the page to keep up with updates.

— Chris Anders

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