Lakers run away with another huge victory

June 16, 2017

A massive 12-goal opening quarter saw the Lakers seal another vital percentage-boosting win.

A massive 12-goal opening quarter saw the Lakers seal another vital percentage-boosting win.

The Lakers wasted no time in dismantling Rushworth.

Daniel Haysom took the reins to kick the first four goals of the match for Nagambie.

The Lakers kicked a total of 19 goals to lead by 101 points at half-time.

Nagambie coach Linc Sullivan couldn’t have been happier with the effort.

‘‘We played really well. We executed everything we’ve been working on all year to probably the best level we’ve done it all year,’’ Sullivan said.

‘‘It was probably one of the best halves we’ve played in a long time.’’

When leading by such a high margin at half-time, player motivation can begin to drop.

Rushworth looked to get on top and kicked five goals in the third quarter.

However, the Lakers were still very much in control and booted nine in reply.

Sullivan wasn’t phased by the lacklustre second half.

‘‘It’s an involuntary thing. When you’re a long way in front like that it becomes pretty hard to maintain your motivation,’’ Sullivan said.

The game was a good opportunity to rotate some players who may have needed a rest while others came back into the side after a week’s break.

‘‘We’ve been trying to put players in different positions too, especially those younger players,’’ Sullivan said.

‘‘If they need a bit of defensive work we might put them at centre half-back, or a run in the midfield to develop their midfield experience.

‘‘It’s all a bit of their football education.

‘‘It helps to know that in the case of a final, we can rely on someone to fill one of those gaps should they need to.’’

Ben Hutton and Haysom were both stand-out players for Nagambie, but Sullivan felt everyone across the board pulled their weight.

Next week the Lakers take on Girgarre, who has improved a lot over the course of the year.

‘‘We’ll maintain a similar side, maybe with a couple of inclusions,’’ Sullivan said.

‘‘If we execute everything properly again then it makes us very hard to beat.’’

Score: Rushworth 8.9 (57) lt Nagambie 31.13 (199)

Goals: M. Waterson 7; D. Haysom 6; A. Haysom 5; K. Winter-Irving 3; D. Lowry, B. Connors, M. Roberts 2; B. Harrison, B. Biggs, Z. Winter-Irving, H. Taylor-Lloyd.

Best: D. Haysom, M. Roberts, B. Hutton, N. Fothergill, B. Harrison, A. Haysom.


The Lakers’ reserves side got over the line by a comfortable 58 points on Saturday.

Nagambie didn’t take long to establish a healthy lead, kicking seven goals to Rushworth’s two in the first quarter.

A more evenly matched second quarter saw Rushworth fight back with three goals, while the Lakers sneaked in four.

The game slowed down dramatically after half-time.

Already nursing a healthy lead, the Lakers kicked just one goal in the third quarter while the opposition remained goal-less.

The final quarter was a formality as the Lakers took the win over a Rushworth side which never looked in the hunt.

Score: Rushworth 6.3 (39) lt Nagambie 14.13 (97)

Goals: T. Stevens 4; P. Rattray, R. Bazeley 3; M. Mensfeld, H. Lowry, M. Winter-Irving, J. Lloyd.

Best: T. Stevens, W. Ulrich, K. Shepherd, J. Shepherd, H. Lowry, P. Rattray.

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