Repair it, don’t throw it

June 14, 2017

The third Seymour Repair Cafe get together was held recently, with a number of items being fixed, and a bunch of people having a really good time.

We are planning to continue through the winter months but with a slightly different focus because we have limited warm indoor space.

We thought we would start with batteries.

How do we make batteries last longer? How do we keep them from being dangerous? What is the best value in battery chargers? How do chargers work? How do you know when a battery is past its use by date?

Then there is the question of disposal.

Bring along some battery powered toys, especially the remote controlled ones; this would be a great incentive for children to get involved.

We could have fun together, learn something useful and promote kindness to our planet.

So, come with your battery questions or problems, but of course the day won’t be limited to batteries.

Bring along whatever else you are wanting repaired for free — especially clothes as we will have at least one sewing machine set up.

The Seymour Repair Cafe will be held this Saturday between 2pm and 4pm at 23 Loco St, Seymour.

For more information, phone Irene Telford on 0425755093 or David Clarey on 0409382219.

You can also like the Seymour Repair Cafe Facebook page for dates and locations of future events.

— David Clarey

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