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June 08, 2017

Kids Speak from Seymour College. June 7 edition

Kids Speak from Seymour College. June 7 edition

Kids Speak from Seymour College. June 7 edition

Kids Speak from Seymour College. June 7 edition

Kids Speak from Seymour College. June 7 edition

Year 9 Outdoor Education students visited the Otway Ranges National Park on May 18 and 19 to experience a wilderness walk that started at the Allenvale Mill campsite, then went to the Phantom Falls (pictured), through ‘‘The Canyon’’, to Henderson Falls and returned to the campsite.

Students experienced a number of habitats: there was rainforest, fern gullies, dry woodlands on the ridges and of course waterfalls.

The students were impressed with seeing nature in its natural form rather than in a zoo or sanctuary.

They observed a koala, kangaroos, birdlife, massive mountain ash trees and a tree fern 3m tall.

On day two of the camp the students visited some of the tourist attractions in the area. Here are some of the comments they made in their post camp reports:

‘‘WOW! There’s a koala at our campsite.’’

— Makenzie Brown

‘‘Teddy’s Lookout was really cool with a great view, the Lorne pier was great as we got to see the seals and there were people fishing, the chocolaterie was amazing with free chocolate and the best cookies and cream ice cream I’ve ever had.’’

— Connor Mitchell

‘‘I would rate the Phantom Falls walk a nine out of 10 because of its waterfalls and different types of trees in the rainforest part.’’

— Mitchell Lusted

‘‘I would definitely recommend this walk to my friends just because of the animals and the nature you can see.’’

— Tamika Hunt

‘‘It’s a walk I would like to do again because of everything I saw; waterfalls, rivers, ferns, trees and the canyon.’’

— Erykah Brown

Shady site

A new shade sail has been erected on the south-east side of Mollison Oval.

This will provide secondary students with shade in Physical Education classes and during their breaks.

It will bring secondary students out to the oval so that they can be active and play ball games in the appropriate areas.

We have to acknowledge and thank the Victorian Cancer Agency for a grant of $27500 which was the total cost of the sail.

I would also like to thank school council president Tiffany Goodman for her work and support through the application process.

Celebration of new books

Students were excited by the wonderful collection of new books on display in the college library.

Book trailers were played to stimulate interest in the new titles and pupils enjoyed a few culinary treats.

Lots of books were borrowed by enthusiastic readers.

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