Country hospitals are terrific

June 07, 2017

After being horizontal in the Alfred Hospital for two weeks immersed in a serious superbug intravenous drug program, I have been liberated to the Seymour Hospital.

Like home cooking, I have come to quickly appreciate some of those features that are attractive about country towns like Seymour, for those of us who choose to live here, as I do — scale and friendliness.

So while the Alfred is a great hospital and the nursing staff are friendly, one appreciates that a hospital is about disease, not getting healthy.

Seymour Hospital challenges this.

On a small scale, where the staffing demographic is older and there’s a good chance some of them are known to you, the same drug regime in a different hospital is like a free-kick health wise.

It’s almost home, the scale is human and the staff help you feel at home.

This may not be news to some, but here I have experienced from the inside that which I fight for outside.

The virtues of the small country town — resilience, scale, opportunities for renewable energy and immersion in a habitat worth fighting for, like our natural and built heritage, and our river and trains.

And why the forthcoming Structure Plan draft is so important.

It’s a great place to live and work and recreate.

‘Good on ya’ Seymour.

— Peter Lockyer, Seymour

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