Thanks to CFA volunteers

May 19, 2017

I would like to take the opportunity following National Volunteer Week (last week) to thank our district’s volunteer CFA firefighters and those that support them.

The CFA has about 60000 skilled volunteers that give their time for the good of Victorian communities on a 24-7 basis.

This volunteer capability is unique and sets the CFA apart from other fire services in the world.

Our district has about 2480 CFA volunteers who are highly trained to professional, nationally recognised standards.

We respond to thousands of incidents per year, including urban and rural fires, motor vehicle accidents, rescues and hazardous material incidents.

Along with that, our volunteers deliver fire safety community education and do things like check public fire safety equipment.

While last summer was relatively quiet, Victoria remains one of the most fire prone regions in the world and our district has had its share of major fires, including Black Saturday in 2009.

This means the CFA needs to maintain a huge surge capacity to provide skilled resources, like ours, to combat Victoria’s large incidents.

With winter approaching, we want everyone’s home to be fire safe.

This means some simple things like having working smoke alarms, cleaning your chimney and checking your heaters, electric blankets and appliances.

For more information, visit the CFA online at or drop by your local brigade.

I would like to sincerely thank the families and employers of our volunteers as being called to duty at any time often places a strain on those left behind.

Your support is much appreciated.

In closing, CFA volunteering is much more than firefighting.

It is about community spirit and resilience and portrays the essence of our social fabric.

Thanks to our entire district’s CFA and other volunteers, and to those that support them.

— Alex Caughey,

District 12 secretary

Support for CFA volunteers

As CFA volunteers of some standing and experience we do not support the Andrews’ campaign to split the CFA into a country volunteer-only body.

We are not happy with the closing of 35 volunteer stations, which will diminish volunteer numbers.

Many CFA District Headquarters are struggling to supply equipment to volunteer members.

The fact that $47million was taken out of the emergency management state budget further diminishes our volunteer capacity.

— Bill Robinson, 1st Lieutenant 25 years,

Josh Robinson, 4th Lieutenant 15 years service,

Merilyn Brend-Robinson, CFA Volunteer,

CIS Peer 20 years service,

Kalorama-Mount Dandenong

Rural Fire Brigade

Stuck in vintage era train time warp

It seems the Andrews Government has something against Seymour.

The decision not to spend on the North East line is a disgrace with carriages from the vintage era arriving from Shepparton.

The reason given was ‘‘not enough trains’’.

The Albury line being replaced by buses due to ongoing track works (how long is a piece of string ?).

We read about Gippsland, Geelong, Ballarat, Echuca and Bendigo receiving finance.

There are always excuses blaming the Federal Government, projects here and there, so what about a project for Seymour?

When it comes to generosity Seymour ranks among the highest.

We read about everything being sold to countries overseas.

Why not invest in Seymour where industry is virtually non existent and therefore employment is hard to find?

The one thing is certain, there will a state election next year and we will see the cash flow and promises galore.

You can fool the public at times but not all the time.

— Graham Palmer,


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